Bonjour de France ! 

So you want to learn French?

Need to improve your ability to speak and understand French?

I've got good news for you.

You can now test the method I propose to help people to boost their French learning.

I'm sure that you'll be satisfied by my comprehensive method.

  • Real French

    You can hear ver(rrrrrrrr)y real French, the French language that is used nowadays in Paris and elsewhere in France. No academic French! No fake French! Simply real French …

  • Discover the French universe

    You can discover amazing subjects educating you on France, French culture and French people …

  • Fun ... fun ...

    You can have fun, while learning French? No boring material in these contents! Want to compare with your old-fashioned courses ?

  • Like a total immersion

    Want to learn a lot of new French words and expressions heard in the media and on the streets? Be assured that, if you use these materials, people will believe that you just spent the last 10 weeks in Paris …

If used properly and conscientiously, this method will help you learn and memorize all this new content:

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    I’m sure that you can forever fixe these pieces of French in your brain,

  • 2

    Want to test my killer method “French everywhere”? It’s a powerful one.

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    Train yourself to repeat aloud the sentences, words and expressions I will give you? You will catch the French accent! ;-)

  • 4

    Spend some time doing “shadowing”? Only 10 minutes each day of parroting is the best exercise if you want to speak French quickly! Believe me.

I’m very glad and proud to announce that I’ve got plenty of “moments in France” to offer. You will love them ….


These moments in French, which I carefully chose for you, will allow you to, for example:

  • Discover France

    Visit the most beautiful sites in France. You will discover Le Louvre, the French museum of art (the biggest one in the world), its history, and little secrets. You will visit Lyon, the second largest city in France, rich in history and gastronomy. You will also discover Mont-St-Michel, one of the most famous sites in France (and this visit is very special, believe me). And you will discover Disney Land Paris like you’ve never seen before …

  • Dive into French culture

    Dive head first into French culture with documentaries on various topics from the importance of gourmet cuisine for French people to the French educational system and why it’s considered to be one of the best in the world. And, of course! You will definitely learn a lot about French wine, including how to drink wine like a real Frenchman …

  • Feel this beautiful language

    Listen to young people during a contest of eloquence. Beautiful French texts, thrills guaranteed …

  • Decrypt French business

    Discover the key to decrypting economics and business in France, with real stories of glorious success, including the story of Airbus, and documents explaining how the economy in France can be improved … French economics can seem very odd to strangers. Let me explain it to you, using my original, easy-to-understand version … ;-)

  • French radio and TV shows

    Radio and TV shows … For example a weather report of a stormy day in France, or a report about a French sailor who has tried to circle the world completely solo without modern equipment, or a story about a teacher in a “hot spot” who has three religions, or testimony from a famous French journalist on how to live a healthier and longer life. You will also have access to an excellent motivational video giving you fabulous advice on how to beat procrastination (a week with 7 tomorrows, you get it?) …

  • French masterpieces, songs and cinema

    And don’t worry, you’ll have access to “masterpieces” of French movies and songs, featuring Jean Dujardin, Vanessa Paradis, Marion Cotillard, and more …. and excerpts from French series that are creating a phenomenal buzz in France nowadays. You will also find videos from one of the most famous YouTubers in France (surprise …), and you’ll discover one of the most famous comic scenes in French culture – every Frenchie knows this … Will you adopt French humor? I think so …

  • You will receive these contents in your mailbox every 2 days for 60 days. 30 new moments in France, just for you!
  • For those who are at an advanced level of French, the estimated volume of work is about 1 hour per day …
  • For those who are almost beginners, don’t worry! You can use this original method to get a big jump start on learning a lot of French.
  • Depending on your level of motivation, this is a very valuable and efficient method if you want to learn French..

Yes, I offer you hours and hours of original French content with my comments and additional content including explanation of vocabulary or expressions you must understand … With all this content, you’ll boost your French learning and be able to speak French very quickly!

Vincent, The French Ambassador

Remember my promise: It’s like a real immersion, as if you are actually in Paris, without the cost of plane tickets and hotels … But, you’ll be learning from the comfort of your home.

For all these materials ...

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    Yes, it’s an incredible price for all this content, and for the results you will quickly have.

  • Only $67 !

    I want you to understand that my primary mission is to convince people who want to learn French, but who still haven’t found a method that works for them, to try my unique and effective method.

  • And ....

    With this method, you will learn French quickly, without getting bored. In a few weeks, thanks to my simple tips, you will be able to speak French with a beautiful accent …

Don’t wait! You have 0% risk of getting bored and 100% chance of being successful.


Learn French with me,

but also, learn France!

Allons-y !!


With gratitude,


The French Ambassador

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